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Choosing a Philosophy and Naming Our School

Written by: Kendall A. | Umm Iman

In getting started, I wanted to jot down some ideas about what was important for me in considering how I wanted my children’s homeschooling experience to unfold. I sat down with a pen and paper, and began brainstorming: What values and attitudes around learning do I want my children to embrace? What core content do I feel is necessary this year? What aspects of schools and philosophies resonate with me that I would like to see mirrored in my homeschool? Finally, what do I specifically want to avoid in being part of their learning journey?

Once I had this clarity of mind, I was able to craft a living document, mission statement for our homeschool. This was important for me in establishing the seriousness of what we’ve chosen to embark on and giving it weight. I’m the type of person that needs to see things visually articulated for me to refer to in ensuring that I am on track with my goals. I also attach value and weight to things that I commit to pen and paper. So for me, typing out a mission statement for our homeschool or some type of philosophy around what our intentions are is necessary for me in making it feel more real.

Our mission statement is a set of ideals that will govern the choices that I make with regard to curriculum, experiences, daily flow/routine, etc. It also serves as my philosophy for how teaching and learning will take place in our homeschool setting. This philosophy is a culmination of best practices from what I’ve learned, studied, and seen work and be value for other children, so in essence, it is unique to us.

Similarly, I feel that naming our homeschool makes it feel more professional and more concrete for the children. Yes, we are homeschoolers, we are learning at home, as opposed to attending a physical school in our community; however, I want my children to have confidence and feel that they are attending something that is worthwhile as well. So naming our school breathes life into the experience. As it is August, we are “getting ready for school” and that looks like: setting up our homeschool spaces, curriculums, philosophy, and naming it. As you are potentially considering adopting some form of homeschooling for yourself, I would invite you to think intentionally about what your philosophy for your homeschooling experience is, committing that to paper, and making your homeschool concrete with a name of its own!

Direct email for a copy of the guide to get started in creating an intentional homeschooling experience for your family!

2 thoughts on “Choosing a Philosophy and Naming Our School”

  1. JazakAllah khayr Sis. Sabura! Ideally, if we were not in Covid times, I would like to do some sports and arts programs as extra-curriculars. In lieu of this, I am looking into some programs online for socialization, including offering things through UEC.


  2. Ma shaALLAH sounds like you put a lot of thought into this decision Alhumdulillah I’m happy for you and your children. Please know you have my support. I did homeschool with Aishah many moons ago and it was a wonderful learning experience. For me and my children.
    I was wondering what extra curricular activities are you doing or maybe thought of.


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