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Islamic Calendar Dates

Written by: Kendall A. | Umm Iman

As Muslims, it is important for us to know our Hijri calendar. SubhanAllah, Allah swt has made some days, nights, and months more special than others in terms of increasing the rewards of good deeds done during those times. It only benefits us to know when those days, nights, and months are in order to increase our good deeds, earn more rewards, erase our sins, and prepare for the akhira. Because the Islamic calendar revolves around the lunar cycle, we can make some calculations about the estimated start and end dates of each new month; however, we should also strive to get into the habit of observing the moon cycles for certainty. The attached calendar outlines special months, days, and nights, along with opportune days for fasting. It is a general outline of the days, so it can be applied to any year, in sha Allah. Do keep track of the Hijri calendar each month/year to know when the exact dates are of the items outlined in the calendar!


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