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Ramadan Planner for Moms

Written by: Kendall A. | Umm Iman
(Originally Posted: May 7, 2020)

Mothers often talk about how Ramadan has changed for them once they are responsible for young children. It is true that we cannot engage in all of the ibadah activities that we once did in our days before children, like: itikaf, nightly taraweeh in the masjid, etc. However, it is important to note that the very act of parenting is an ibadah, and it is not overlooked by Allah swt. This year, I decided to be kinder to myself by focusing on a few simple things that I can commit to (like: staying in wudu, using a miswak with my wudu, and praying at the earliest time) and jotting down a few extra ibadat that I will do when I am able to, even if it is inconsistent (like: praying taraweeh every night).

Of course my intention is to increase my ibadah, especially in the ways that are specific to Ramadan; yet I am balancing that with being realistic about the season that I am in right now and what possibilities that affords me. Dividing my Ramadan goals into those two categories has really helped me to feel that I am being productive, intentional, realistic, and successful in my goals this year. A key point here is in evoking “Positivity” into what I am able to accomplish. Check out the planner for moms if you too would like to feel that you can increase your ibadah in a realistic way during this beautiful month, in sha Allah!


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