children, helping others, meeting social needs, service during quarantine, service projects, taking action, unity

Social Distance Service Projects for Children

Written by: Kendall A. | Umm Iman

Ramadan is such a blessed time of year. As parents, we are constantly working to intentionally instill the qualities of generosity and mindfulness toward the struggles of others in our children. One of the main ways to help our children to become empathetic and giving is to involve them in service opportunities. The lesson hits home all the more when our children see that their acts of service are benefiting other children in need.

Life under quarantine has reduced some of the typical opportunities that we would participate in with regard to serving others, for example: volunteering in a soup kitchen or visiting the elderly. However, the quarantine has also opened the door to thinking of new and creative ways to help others from the safety of our homes. In the attached guide, there are 30 service project ideas that children can help with (depending on their age). Reminding them to purify their intentions and to remember that Allah likes it when we help others is a great discussion starter as you dive into a project!

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