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Camp Mama Has Officially Begun!

Written by: Kendall A. | Umm Iman
(Originally Posted: July 19, 2020)

It’s summer time, and many families are still in quarantine. But alas, this doesn’t have to be a death sentence in the heat with cranky toddlers and bored children! Instead, we can have a lot of fun with our little ones, keep up the learning in a simple way, and take advantage of exploring the great outdoors, in sha Allah!

Here is our Summer Camp schedule, also known as: “Camp Mama!” (Or “Happy Camp Mama, as my daughter likes to call it.)

Here are a few pictures from our first couple of weeks of “camp.” I will update this post with more pictures throughout the summer to give you some more ideas of fun things to do with your little ones, in sha Allah. As you can see, our morning starts with some focused learning review of language (English, Arabic, and Spanish), math, Islamic Studies, and Quran. We transition into lunch and quiet time. Our afternoon is filled with outdoor activities, including: stretching, nature walks, sprinklers, gardening, sensory table fun, and planned activities (art, puzzles, and hands-on projects from our formal subjects above) at our picnic table or tent. Our weekends are mostly spent outdoors in the yard and going on hikes.

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