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Making Charity Count: A Ramadan Guide

Written by: Kendall A. | Umm Iman

Every year, as the blessed month of Ramadan approaches, I take some time to plan. I consider what extra acts of ibadah I want to prioritize and set up a rough sketch of how to manage my time to accomplish those goals. In more recent years as a mother, I also try to be realistic with myself regarding my current season in life and afford myself grace with what new opportunities I am blessed with, along with what make potentially be closed off from me momentarily. I no longer beat myself up because I cannot attend taraweeh in the masjid (pre-Covid) nightly like I could prior to becoming a mother, but instead focus on how I can make sure that I engage in tahajjud nightly in Ramadan, for example. (If you’re curious about additional ways to manage Ramadan as a parent, check out last year’s post.)

This year, I am approaching what I can do from a different lens–giving in charity. Ramadan is such a special month, because it allows all of our efforts to be multiplied even more so than on a typical day of the year. While many of us aim to increase our charity and financial giving particularly in the last ten nights of Ramadan, it’s worth mentioning that giving even a small amount daily in Ramadan is also a wonderful means of earning reward. With that in mind, one of my focuses for this year is to give daily in Ramadan, in sha Allah, with the intention of increasing the amount of my giving in the last ten nights. I wanted to be intentional about my giving, so I created a planner (available for download below) outlining 15 types of causes and organizations that I would like to donate to during these 30 days–two per cause.

In the spirit of making generosity a family value, I am looking forward to involving my children in the conversation around which organizations we will choose to share our donations with. It will also be an opportunity for my daughter to select organizations that she wants to donate to from the “Savings” jar of her allowance.

Ramadan is a blessing to the believers; it is a chance to seek and achieve Allah’s forgiveness, a time for cleansing our own hearts and extending forgiveness and mercy to others, and an opportunity for earning immense rewards, in sha Allah. What each of us is able to do during this month will look different for all of us based on where we currently are in life. Alhumdulilah, if we are able to give even a single penny per day, May Allah swt increase the reward and effect of that small amount. As we plan for Ramadan this year, let us also plan for how we will give to others, in sha Allah.

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